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IIS “A. Pacinotti” is the oldest technical secondary school in Mestre. It was founded in 1941 and its development has always been closely connected to the local industrial growth.

Since its foundation the school has been located in a large building in the centre of the town, very convenient for transportation to and from Venice, the airport and any other destinations.

The students, aged from 14 to 19, follow a two-year course in which they complete their general education (subjects: Italian, English, mathematics, biology, law studies, history, physics, chemistry, technical drawing, ICT, P.E., religious education) before choosing a three-year technical specialization (environmental chemistry, electrotechnology, mechanics and land survey). From the third year onward studies are mainly devoted to the development of technical competence, though literary and scientific studies are also present.

Workers may join evening classes in mechanics, electrotechnology and health technologies

In the school there are 125 teachers, about 874 students (mostly boys) in 41 classes.

Besides the 35 classrooms, the school hosts a rich library, 16 well-equipped laboratories (multimedia, technology, chemistry, physics, and so on) 2 gyms, a conference room and a cafeteria.

Internal parking sites for bicycles and for cars are available.

We have a wide range of curricular and extracurricular activities:

Projects to promote international relations:

  • Erasmus projects with partners from European countries
  • Activities to promote the improvement of the knowledge of the English language
  • Trinity examinations for the assessment of the English language

Projects designed to promote students’ entry into the world of work:

  • Post-secondary education courses
  • Projects integrating school and work, with internships and training in local companies
  • Projects aimed at developing technical skills and competence
  • Special attention paid to guarantee safety at work.
  • ICDL (International computer driving license)

Activities to help students develop their personality and overall culture

  • Participation in sport competitions (best results in basketball, volleyball, soccer)
  • Health education
  • Art, reading, playing laboratories
  • School choir

After the school-leaving state examination, young people may apply to any university, perfect their technical preparation in a post-secondary school course (studying and working in traineeships in local firms), or work as an employee or as a technician on their own.

After completing the course of study, our technicians are able to:

  • design mechanical and electrical devices and plants
  • install and maintain technical equipment
  • check and test products and processes
  • employ PLC and other computerized systems to develop projects
  • assure safety in the workplace
  • operate test equipment to measure electrical quantities
  • study and design of chemical processes and plants

We are interested in collaborating with foreign schools and companies in order to promote international relationships.